The 24 year collaboration between Stream and Precision Digital Corp. has produced three new families of products. The ProtEX™ and ProtEX-MAX™ series are meters for measuring temperature, pressure, and water flow in harsh industrial environments. The ExSense™ series is a smart temperature transmitter system. They are explosion proof NEMA 4X enclosures.

Stream used industrial design and ergonomics as a competitive advantage to distinguish their products in an industrial market that competes on features alone. We fully engineered each product for multiple internal components and different materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic.

All three product lines are easy to use, service, and install. The deep finger grooves make it simple to unscrew the cap by hand. A large screwdriver can also be engaged in the notches to twist off the tight seal. Built-in mounting ears allow for very flexible mounting options including wall or pipe without the need for an external bracket. The design looks good in any orientation.

These products have strengthened Precision Digital Corp's leadership position in the industrial meter market. The visual and ergonomic appeal of these meters is so strong in this market, a new OEM sales channel has been developed to sell the empty enclosures at ExDirect. ProtEX™ Series Meters won an Excellence In Design Award.