Amy Potts has been designing products for 30 years. Her work has been recognized by IDEA, Consumer Electronics Show, and Appliance Design. The Italian design magazine, Ottagono, selected her for a feature article on 4 women designers in the United States. She is a featured lecturer and advisor on product development and green design at universities including MIT, Clark, Tufts, WPI, Carnegie Mellon, UMass Lowell, and RISD. She has a BFA from Carnegie Mellon.

Derek Riemer has 32 years experience delivering manufacturable innovations in diverse industries from surgical navigation to power tools. He has won multiple design awards in the IDEA, Good Design, and Appliance Design competitions. He currently holds 16 patents, and spearheads our commitment to developing our own products and creating licensing opportunities. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Bridgeport.






2019- Stream celebrates its 25th year in business. We are grateful to our clients for trusting us with their dreams and letting us do our best work. It is our privilege to collaborate with smart and hardworking individuals, always with the shared purpose of improving people’s lives through great design. Enjoy the slideshow and cheers for a bright future ahead!


2018- Photomedics presents BlueLight at Yankee Dental Congress in Boston, MA. They invite Stream to represent the development effort. Read more about the project here.


2018- Amazon acquires Blink for 90 million. Read the press release here.


2017- Sense is a finalist in the Smart Home Category of Fast Company's World Changing Ideas of 2017. Read the article here


2017- Blink for Immedia Semiconductor receives another Innovation Award in the Smart Home Category at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Read about it in our case study here. 

2016- Amy Potts is a panelist for the Boston STEM Innovators-In-Training Expo sponsored by Ten80 Education and the US Army at Framingham State University. The event brought 800 students from New England high schools together to form teams and attend workshops such as Idea Pitch, Leadership, Intellectual Property, Binary Code, and Race Car Challenge. Thanks to Maria McCarthy and Terri Stripling of Ten80 Education for inviting me and thanks also to my co-panelists, Mike Green from Don Schumacher Racing, and LTC Ken Harris from the US Army.

2016- Blink for Immedia Semiconductor receives an Innovation Award in the Smart Home Category at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Read about it in our case study here. 


In April 2015, we welcomed our co-op student Evan Brown. Evan is a mechanical engineering senior at UMass Lowell and was at Stream through August 2016. He has been a great asset and has contributed significantly to the design and prototyping of 3D scanners for automotive castings and commercial airplanes for Twin Coast Metrology. He also worked on developing a home energy monitor for Sense, a skin cancer detection system for Dermasensor, and an electron microscope accessory for Edax. He enjoys designing RC planes and volunteering to help Hurricane Sandy victims. 

2014- SunSprite is chosen for Popular Science's Greatest Innovations of the Year 2014. Check it out under the health category. See all the other winners. Read about it in our case study.

2014- Stream celebrates its 20th anniversary. We thank all our clients and colleagues and look forward to many more years of innovations.

2014- SunSprite featured in Innovation Magazine in the Medical Evolution issue. The article is "Wonders of Modern Medicine + More."


2014- Worcester PolyTechnic Institute selects Amy Potts as a judge for the Robert H. Grant Invention Awards competition for the fifth consecutive year. Student groups create assistive technology products that could enhance the quality of life or productivity for those living with physical challenges. Prize money is given to the top products. Congratulations to the winners, and best of luck turning your IP into successful ventures! See the winners here.

2013- Derek Riemer and Amy Potts are proud to be selected to the advisory board to Lowell Makes, the shared community workshop and laboratory in Lowell, MA. It is an organized group of local artists, engineers, makers, and thinkers who work together to provide tools and resources to the public. It provides incubator space and resources for small companies as well as inspiring weekly classes.

2013- Best of luck to Josh Shiau, our summer intern for 2013. Together with our team, he applied research on the effects of natural sunlight to create the physical design of SunSprite Personal Light Tracker. He made and tested prototypes with 3D printing. He worked closely with clients, manufacturers and our technical team to manage feasibility, functionality, and aesthetics. Josh returned to RISD to finish his degree in industrial design.


2013- We increased our prototyping capabilities by acquiring a Formech 300XQ vacuum form machine. It has an 11" x 17" capacity and in addition to creating great plastic parts, it makes really cool Halloween masks!

Google selects Stream to develop a mobile gaming device. 


2012- Appliance Design Magazine announced that Stream and Precision Digital have won a Silver Award for the ProtEX Meter in the Laboratory and Test Equipment category for the Annual 2012 Excellence in Design Awards Competition. The ProtEX series are explosion proof meters for measuring temperature, pressure, and water flow in harsh industrial environments.

Stream expands into larger studio space in the historic North Chelmsford Mill at 55 Middlesex St. The Mill was formerly a foundry that made gears for the textile mills in Lowell and Lawrence. We design and renovate to create an inspiring studio and shop environment. 


2012- Innovation Magazine featured two recent Stream projects in their Showcase section. The AMP™ 3D Imager by Faro and Stream scans three dimensional parts so they can be compared to a database to ensure manufacturing quality. The ProtEX™ Series Meters by Precision Digital and Stream measure water temperature, pressure, and flow in harsh industrial environments.

2011- Grey's Anatomy featured the Stand Alone Prox Reader™ for International Electronics, Inc. in the season 7 Episode 19 show entitled "It's a Long Way Back". Check out the video here.

The Fox TV series Breaking In also features the Stand Alone Prox Reader™ in Season 1. Check out the video here.

2010- The AMP™ 3D Imager for FARO is introduced and maintains Faro's leadership in the 3D imaging and measuring market.

Westford Academy High School asks Amy Potts to inspire students about industrial design. She talks about what kinds of things industrial designers work on, what their process is like, and showed examples of Stream's work. 

2009- MogoTalk™ Headset for Newton Peripherals is a top selling iPhone accessory over the 2009 holiday season in the US, and will soon be available in 16 countries across Europe. 

UMass Lowell invites Amy Potts to give a lecture on Industrial Design of Medical Devices to a graduate engineering class. 

Stream expands into larger studio space at 313 Littleton Rd., Chelmsford MA.


2008- Stream files for our first patent on our own product idea. 

2007- Appliance Design Magazine's Excellence in Design Competition selects Amy Potts as a judge. 

2006- Stream Exhibits at OEM New England.

2005- Stream becomes the first product development firm in New England to own a large format 3D printer. 

2004- The InstaTrak 3500 Surgical Navigation System was featured in Newsweek Magazine and seen on "ER" television program. 

Stream moves into new studio space at 313 Littleton Rd. Chelmsford, MA.

2004- The Italian design magazine Ottagono selects Amy Potts for a feature article on women designers in the United States. She is one of four women whose career and philosophy are explored. View article.


2004- Amy Potts is a juror for the Industrial Designers Society of America IDEA Awards. Her categories are Medical Products and Scientific Equipment. It is an insightful and lively discussion/debate with 16 juror colleagues from all around the world. View article.


2004- C.R. Bard acquires Onux Medical for an undisclosed amount. Touché Suture Tool and Salute Grasper, both designed by Stream, are manufactured by Bard’s subsidiary, Davol.

2003- Derek Riemer joins Stream as Principal. The company changes its name from Potts Design to Stream Product Development, Inc.

The Touché ™ Suture Tool for Onux Medical wins an Innovation Award from the Society of Laproendoscopic Surgeons. 

CES Innovations Design Competition selects Amy Potts as a judge. Her categories are Personal Electronics, Small Office/Home Office Products. 

Insolia Shoe Inserts for HBN Shoe are featured in the Boston Globe's Tech Edge section.

2002- Derek Riemer wins a Gold IDEA Award and a GOOD Design Award for the Microsoft Office Packaging. 


2001- 3M acquires MicroTouch for $160 million.

1999- MIT Sloan School of Management asks Amy Potts to be an industrial design advisor for their Product Design and Development class. This semester long course teaches concurrent product development by creating multi-disciplinary teams from engineering, industrial design, and business. She advised her team of 10 students from concept to business plan and gave a lecture to the entire class on product design principles and application. She judged the final presentation along with 7 other industry professionals and venture capitalists.

IDSA/Plastics News Design award selects Amy Potts as a judge.

1998- MicroTouch creates a new division, MicroTouch Business Products Division, to produce the IBID™ Electronic Whiteboard and it's family of 5 products.

Clark University invites Amy Potts to give a lecture on Green Choices in Industrial Design.

The IDSA Northeast District Conference at Mass Art asks Amy Potts to be a featured speaker. She ran two seminars called "Green Design" which gave participants hands on experience with environmentally responsible product design principles.

Amy Potts is selected for the 1998 Bronze Bean Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America. The award is given each year to the “most up and coming young designer in New England”.

1997- The IBID™ Electronic Whiteboard for MicroTouch featured in Wired, Popular Science, PC Computing, and the Boston Globe.

The IBID™ Electronic Whiteboard for MicroTouch wins PC Computing MVP Award for Input Devices.

1996- Microsoft Corp. acquires Exos, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Microsoft uses the Force Feedback Joystick developed by Exos and Stream to create the SideWinder Pro™, a revolution in interactive gaming technology.


1994- Amy Potts is chosen to collaborate on the industrial design chapter of Product Design and Development, by Karl T. Ulrich and Steven H. Eppinger, McGraw Hill. This textbook is used by a quarter of a million students worldwide; the 6th edition came out in 2015. Here is the original and current version on Amazon. 

The Gordon Institute of Tufts University invites Amy Potts to speak about “What is Industrial Design?"

Our first studio space is in an old rubber mill in Melrose. We renovate the raw space into a first-rate design office with shop facilities.