FARO’s high performance 3D scanner uses patented technology for unprecedented accuracy on large complex parts for applications in quality control and rapid manufacturing. FARO partnered with Stream to create a rugged and easy to use product that could get this technology out of the lab and onto the manufacturing floor.

AMP has both a rugged and high tech visual appeal to fit into a lab environment or on the shop floor. We developed a center grip area that functions as a handle and stand to create a roll cage; isolating any bumping and protecting the device. This gives the AMP ground clearance- the heads can spin in any orientation without hitting the ground. The scanner head covers isolate the internal components to reduce any interference which could compromise accuracy. They attach to only the central carbon fiber tube; the most rigid part of the device. Comfortable handles allow the user multiple ways to move the device for flexible set up and use. Cable management reduces the potential for tangling on the AMP as well as the System Control Unit. Stream provided industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototypes and production support.

Since the AMP's introduction, it is maintaining FARO's leadership position in the 3D measuring and imaging market.