MicroTouch partnered with Stream in order to break into an established market with a product family that was superior in functionality, appearance, ease of use, and at a fraction of the cost of competing products. We provided user research, brand strategy, industrial design, graphic design, mechanical engineering and manufacturing liaison.

Stream made MicroTouch’s core resistive touchscreen technology user friendly and easy to manufacture. Our modular design approach created 5 products for the manufacturing cost of one, and reduced assembly labor costs significantly. Our quick development time allowed them to win the race to be first in the US market with an entry-level electronic whiteboard. The high quality of our design allowed them to be the US market leader. It cost 75% less than the nearest competitor, captured 50% market share of all electronic whiteboards, and customer satisfaction is at 99.5%. The success of the Ibid product family spun off a new division called MicroTouch Business Products which developed new sales channels for all other touch screen products. Company stock increase is directly related to the introduction of Ibid, and MicroTouch was included in Fortune Magazine’s top 100 fastest growing companies. Ibid won an MVP Award for input devices from PC Computing. It has been featured in WIRED, Popular Science, PC World, Smart Computing, PC Week, and the Boston Globe. MicroTouch was purchased by 3M for $160 million.


These are the graphite electrodes used to burn the cavity in the steel for the injection molded tooling.