Onux Medical came to us with a revolutionary technology that could combine a grasper and suture tool into one device. They asked us to make their technology usable; to understand the best way for surgeons to hold and control the tool and then make it manufacturable.

We created a brand strategy for Onux as a manufacturer of innovative, high-end surgical products. We established a visual family identity so all their products are immediately recognizable, and then designed each one in depth. Touché is the first and flagship product. We identified 5 controls that needed to be placed at the surgeon’s fingertips, then through models and user interviews we designed a comfortable and intuitive suturing procedure. We provided brand strategy, ergonomic studies, user interface research, industrial design and mechanical engineering.

Touché won an Innovation Award from the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons. The strength of their brand led to the company purchase of Onux by Davol, a market leader in laparoscopic surgical devices.