NxStage wanted to extend the freedom created with their home dialysis machine to give patients the ability to transport their machine via airplane or car themselves and then use it to manage the dialysis process within the home. They asked Stream to provide brand strategy, ergonomic studies, industrial design, mechanical engineering and production support.

We used many full sized mock ups to determine the ideal ergonomic scenario for each stage of transport and deployment within the constraints of the home, car, and airline. We brainstormed many creative approaches for new types of carts for this novel use, then settled on a single column that could support the significant weight and cantilever of the dialysis machine. Thorough mechanical analysis was done for strength, tipping, and wear. Gas cylinders assist in the raising of the machine, so a person of limited strength can set up the machine themselves. The weight and size of the cart meets airline regulations to fit into an overhead luggage compartment as well as a standard car trunk. We also designed and engineered a rugged custom shipping crate for the dialysis machine.