The Photomedics BlueLight™ leads oral hygiene into a new era. The blue light emitted by this device suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth that can cause gum disease, bad breath, cardiovascular disease, stroke, premature birth, low birth weight, and Alzheimer’s disease. Photomedics challenged Stream to embody their research into a simple device that is intuitive, elegant, delivers the light to the right area, and is manufacturable.

BlueLight is a lollipop of light. This simple analogy is universally understood from childhood, and is a playful way to deliver major therapeutic benefit. The form testifies to it's function, and you immediately and intuitively understand how to use it, simply place it between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. You can roll it around, close your lips around it and retain the saliva, making each treatment much more convenient. The soft shape of the body is simple and comfortable in your hand. The blue color on the home button makes it stand out as a control. All touch points are easy grip rubber- bite switch, home button and battery door. It is small, round and lightweight for maximum comfort while walking around during treatment.

We created an omnidirectional light source with a unique internal structure for the LEDs and flex circuit in order to optimize the oral cavity's exposure to the light. The bite switch is located in the natural place for your teeth to activate it, which required creating innovative ways to strengthen and seal the area. We used materials that would not dampen the output of the light, and would be cost effective to manufacture. The entire device is battery operated and sealed for use in the mouth.

BlueLight is the first product for Photomedics an is the culmination of almost two decades of research from the two founders, Dr. Nikos Soukos and Dr. Max Goodson. User feedback has been extremely positive; 100% of the initial 800 dental professionals and consumers around the world who have tried the device love it.


We created hundreds of models to ensure comfortable fit in the mouth and hand.


We proved the electrical feasibility their research by engineering multiple prototype PCBs that delivered the dosage and intensity of light required, powered with a commonly available battery.


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